Brocklesby Hall

ringsPevsner’s, The Buildings of England, Lincolnshire, suggests that the first post-medieval Brocklesby Hall was constructed at the start of the seventeenth century, ca 1603. Tradition has it that this hall was then rebuilt ca 1730, although stylistically it is often placed slightly earlier in the eighteenth century, possibly nearer 1710. The present structure, a refined brick-built oblong with contrasting stone and stucco detail, is of three storeys with parapets, the main, east, façade of two-five-two bays, is the result of a complicated architectural history including a major fire in the late-nineteenth century. Interpretation of the sapwood on the dated samples from the ‘strong room’ would indicate that the majority of timbers, all the dated common joists and two of the lintels, are likely to have been felled between about 1725 and 1740. The main north-south beam, with a felling date probably no later than 1715, is, however, a little earlier. Earlier still is one of the window lintels, this timber having an estimated felling date in the range 1560 – 1580.